Great Grandmas’ first visit

I’ve never heard such cackling in my life.  The minute our front door opened, the house sounded like it had transformed into a chicken coop with all the “cooing,” “oooos,” and “ahhhhs”.  Elsa raised her eyebrows, a little suspicious of all the activity, while James took it all in stride.

L to R starting on the top left: cackling hen #1 – my Mom; rousing rooster – My Dad; cackling hen #2 – my Grandmother (Mom’s mom); cackling hen #3 – my Grandmother (Dad’s mom)

I have to give a shout out to Elsa and James’ Great Grandmothers.  Cackling Hen #2, otherwise known as Grandma Dot (short for Dorothymae) is 82; Cackling Hen #3, otherwise known as Grandma Ollie, is 92.  They rode 12 hours in the car to get to our place, brought cookies, caramels, and made lefse for the holidays.  They are troopers!

It’s amazing what two little bundles of flesh will do to a person.  Is it love or an addiction?

2 comments to Great Grandmas’ first visit

  • Amy Jo

    How cute!!!

  • Mimi Danos

    Definately, Love! How adorable!

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