HELP!?! Suggestions for relatives and friends

Since finding out that we were having twins, everyone has been very sweet, offering their help.

In one of our multiple classes, we received some great advice about the type of help we’ll need from a pediatrician who gave birth to her own set of triplets, along with a terrific handout that had some great ideas.  Here are a few.  I’ve taken the liberty to paraphrase and add my own, of course.

  1. Schedule your visit
  2. Bring or prepare food!  Did you know you can burn up to 1500 calories a day breastfeeding twins?
  3. Tidy the house.
  4. Run errands.
  5. Toss in a load of laundry, even if it’s just diapers!
  6. Change diapers.  Ok… I can’t help myself here.  I was the first child in our family and my Dad used to  drive to his parent’s house 20 minutes away when I had a diaper that needed changing – once in a snowstorm!  Dad, I love you!! 😉  Really people… is it that bad?  We’re all washable.
  7. Backrubs and foot massages are always welcome.
  8. Leave religion, politics, and other potentially controversial subjects at the door.
  9. Let the mother cry without asking, “What’s the matter?”  Like it’s not obvious – seriously.
  10. Unless the parents have gone completely berserk, needing professional help, don’t question their methods.  If they work, they work.  If not, they’ll figure it out.

1 comment to HELP!?! Suggestions for relatives and friends

  • Marilyn Danos

    Gosh, I wish I had this list when I was pregant and after the birth of all 3 sons! I would have posted it inside and outside the house proudly. In fact, after the 40 days required of ‘no visitors with Mom and new baby’ Greek Orthodox policy…you know all that quiet time people think you are enjoying……. ? Well, people, actually think you can entertain them and also spend quality and quantity time with a newborn (s) in your arms? Huh? Let’s schedule a date and time, soon.

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