Holy Crap! New babies and a new kitchen

Yours truly, a reality TV star?  Well, I don’t know if “star” is the right word.  Perhaps “potty-mouthed goddess”?

Check out our Fix This Kitchen show that aired on A&E recently.  We got to hang out with chef Graham Elliot himself and dine at his restaurant.  Nicole Facciuto did a terrific job with the design.

Note: I would NOT recommend scheduling a kitchen remodel only a couple weeks after having twins. It was supposed to happen earlier, while I was still pregnant, but the twins decided to wreak a little havoc on that plan.

Part 1

Part1-Fix This Kitchen

Part 2

Part2-Fix This Kitchen

Part 3

Part3-Fix This Kitchen

If you want a little laugh, check out the commentary on Ikea’s site regarding our episode (episode #6).  Just for the record, I LOVE my home town and had a terrific upbringing.  We did not exist solely on cheese and SPAM.

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