Hormonal Much?

Pregnancy hormones – NOT COOL!!

A few of my tips for dealing with them:

  1. Yell and scream.  Get them out.
  2. Stifle them with ice cream.
  3. Cry until you are so tired you have to sleep (thereby forgetting).
  4. Call a sibling or friend for a good laugh.
  5. Watch strenuous exercise videos as a reminder of what you DON’T have to put yourself through right now (especially if you’ve been put on restricted activity) and laugh at the insanity, thereby giving yourself a “soft” ab workout.
  6. Get out of the freakin’ house!  Even if that means just going to Target to buy yourself a new cosmetic or accessory for your flattering new figure.

And, last but not least, lay back, relax, feel those little aliens rummaging around in your belly and remember why you’ve chosen to put yourself in this position.  What position?  Exactly.

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