How it all started

After a year of trying, several failed IUI (intrauterine insemination) attempts, and one ectopic pregnancy, we finally decided to try IVF. I was a bit hesitant, I’ll admit – all the manipulation, science, bloodwork, ultrasounds, numerous shots (about 75 in all), but I have to say… I’m sold! Our first round was a smashing success. Dr. Eve Feinberg at Fertility Centers of IL was at the center of it all. She and her staff were terrific! And, kudos to “Dr.” Pete Danos for administering almost 9 weeks of intramuscular shots of progesterone in my a**.

Fertility clinics keep a close eye on their patients and their little ones over the first few weeks so we are lucky to have some incredibly early ultrasound pics. Oh, and if you’re wondering what this “Baby A” and “Baby B” stuff is… Baby A is the one closest to the cervix which means that Baby B has the top bunk and, therefore, the most room.

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