I am ice cream

Yesterday, I sat out on the counter a little too long.  If you know a mother who hasn’t had a meltdown, let me know.  I will build a shrine to her in my living room, kitchen, and above the changing table.

I’m thinking this book could be helpful.  It was brought to my attention by Daddy Pete via Mark.

Safe Baby Handling Book
New parents are often overwhelmed-and befuddled-when it comes to caring for their bundle of joy. Luckily Safe Baby Handling Tips saves the day with its hilarious “do’s and don’ts” on baby care. Now incompetent parents everywhere can benefit from this indispensable guide, which also includes a unique Wheel of Responsibility to help moms and dads negotiate baby chores (and shirk diaper duty!) whenever they can. Makes baby-rearing a blast!

by David and Kelly Sopp

A couple of examples from the book:

Containing BabyCalming Baby

Leave a comment with your best tip for surviving a mommy meltdown!  Please, I beg you!!!

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