I’m buying a pharmacy!

Disclaimer:  Squeamish? Avoid all links in this post.  Unquenchable curiosity?  Click away!

Given the recent events that have taken place in the Danos household, I should at least consider the possibility of buying my own pharmacy.  Wondering where I’ve been lately?

  • My husband was diagnosed with sciatica.  Unable to bend over and pick up the kids, I was left me with the majority of the load (literally and figuratively).  Pharmacy trip: steroids, muscle relaxants.
  • My husband gashed his finger.  Unfortunately, there’s no good story to accompany this one (sorry, Hon).  Just a random, broken, glass vase in a box, in the basement, in a dark room.  Pharmacy trip: gauze, wrap, tape (after a trip to the emergency room for stitches).
  • A colonoscopy for me as a result of recurrent ulcerative colitis.  The nurse assured me that she had never heard of the procedure being compared to a day at the spa, but once the sedation drugs kicked in… ahhhh!  No kids, no dog, no husband, just me and a bad train-wreck of a movie to watch in a dark room.  Had to see how it turned out!  Pharmacy trip: anti-inflammatory meds.  And, what movie have you been to where they printed out pictures for you to take home?
  • And, just to round it out, one more trip to the doc for me.  This time, bronchitis.  Pharmacy trip: cough syrup, antibiotics, and a free flu shot!  About time we got something out of the deal.

In the words of The Terminator (and my Mother – a story for another day), I’ll be back!  Promise.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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