I’m going to explode?

Today, I picked up a used Baby Trend Double Snap N Go Stroller Frame (for $30 – a steal!) from a wonderful couple who had twins about a year ago.

The mother happily told me, “Oh, you don’t look big at all, but you’re going to explode towards the end”.  WHAT?!?  Explode?  Don’t get me wrong, I sensed a special “twin mom” comradary between the two of us and I know she meant no harm.

She was also very happy to offer some advice – something I haven’t gotten much of, believe it or not.  It seems that, unless someone has had direct experience with multiples, they aren’t likely to touch that subject with a 10-foot pole.  Perhaps, it’s that they know the pain and agony they experienced with one and hate to even think of two.  Well, whatever the case…

And, come to think of it, near the end, I probably will explode in one sense or another.

Courtesy of Merriam-Webster Online:


transitive verb

1 archaic : to drive from the stage by noisy disapproval
2 : to bring into disrepute or discredit <explode a theory>
3 : to cause to explode or burst noisily <explode a bomb>

intransitive verb

1 : to burst forth with sudden violence or noise from internal energy: as a : to undergo a rapid chemical or nuclear reaction with the production of noise, heat, and violent expansion of gases <dynamite explodes> b : to burst violently as a result of pressure from within
2 a : to give forth a sudden strong and noisy outburst of emotion <exploded in anger> b : to move with sudden speed and force <exploded from the starting gate>
3 : to increase rapidly <the population of the city exploded>
4 : to suggest an explosion (as in appearance or effect) <shrubs exploded with blossoms>

1 comment to I’m going to explode?

  • ahhh, surely you won’t explode… but you’ll definitely be ready to have those chicklets on the outside! 😉 love your blog! (oh, and hi from the MBC!)
    adriel @ the mommyhood memos

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