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‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ duped by family’s sick claim

This makes ME sick!  For a few reasons:

  • Faking your kid’s illness for your own gain?  Unbelievable.  I’ll admit to posting a few pics of my kids now and then, knowing that they are the cutest kids in the universe (duh), but I’m not counting on that getting me press, or a new house.  I just like showing them off.
  • Modesty, people!  So much money is put into these gorgeous new homes, often much larger than the family really needs, or can obviously afford to maintain.
  • The show, while it appears to do great things for great people, has run into problems like this before.  Learn from your mistakes; something I became familiar with when I first clunked my head on the floor learning to walk.

Read the full story here (sans my commentary).


milkIs Skim Milk Making You Fat?

Skim milk, or any kind of milk, beverage, or food, for that matter, is NOT responsible for making you fat unless you are drinking, eating, or scarfing down far too much of it.  Are you aware of any food, in reasonable moderation, that (if you eat it) will make you explode and gain 100 pounds in short order?  I think not.

Read the full story here (if you really need to).


Chris Matthews strikes again: Sarah Palin ‘profoundly stupid’

“Mommy!!  James called me stupid,” Elsa yells from down the hall.

“If you two can’t get along, you’re going to end up in a hand-holding timeout on the couch until you learn to play together nicely,” replied Mommy.

Read the full story here.

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