Inspiration needed – Inspiration found

It occurred to me that I haven’t been my usual snarky self lately.  Therefore, I went on a quest to come up with some good inspiration.

What did I discover on my journey through the farthest reaches of the internet?

All I have to do is take a peek at Yahoo’s top stories of the day and BLAM… plenty of inspiration.  “Such as,” you ask?

Where’s Hillary? Hasidic paper breaks the rules by editing Clinton out of White House photo
“The White House has not issued a response on the altered image.”  Thank God.  If you’re going to spend my tax dollars, do it defending the nation against a potential retaliation attack as a result of Bin Laden’s death.

Olympic hopeful rescued on Miami beach after being buried in sand
Who would’ve thunk.

Justin Bieber Was a ‘Brat’ Shooting ‘C.S.I.,’ According to Marg Helgenberger
No!!  Tell me it isn’t so.  I just rolled my eyes so hard I think I lost both contacts.

Bristol Palin Gets New Reality Show
I guess I need to get into the non-profit business and pay myself 7 times what the organization doles out in support.  Apparently, that’s a huge “popularity” qualifier in today’s world.

Need I go on?

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