It’s about time, I know

As you can imagine, things have been a bit crazy around the Danos household.  Not only did we bring home two little preemies from the ISCU recently, but we also moved back into our house last week after spending an almost intolerable week in a dreary hotel room with the twins.  Ok, the hotel was nice, but when you have pediatrician’s orders to keep the kids away from people as much as possible to prevent any sickness at their small, tender age, the four walls start closing in quickly.  When I finally had an opportunity to leave the hotel room and step out into the sun, let’s just say… I felt akin to a vampire!

So, to answer the question about why I was sequestered in a hotel room as opposed to our cozy home?  Tune in to the A&E network on Saturday, November 20th at 9am Central Time.

1 comment to It’s about time, I know

  • Marilyn Danos

    Adorable and precious!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see Pete and the crew in action on Nov. 20th 9AM Central Time!

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