Just another Hallmark holiday?

According to several sources, Mother’s Day has been celebrated for years.

Tulips, courtesy of Stephen

Check out the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis, Mother of the Pharaohs, who was celebrated in an annual festival.  Granted, we can’t all re-assemble a slain body and use it to impregnate ourselves (nor do we probably want to), but that was certainly a feat to behold, no doubt.  Read more about the history of Mother’s Day at MothersDayCentral.com.

Pete, Stephen, Mom Marilyn, & Nick

On a more current and realistic note, we had a terrific Mother’s Day at our house with Pete, his two brothers, and his Mom.  We introduced the crew to my slow-cooked ribs and black beans, then topped it off with a simple brownie, strawberry, and ice cream dessert.

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