Just when I thought…

Just when I thought I had nothing exciting to write about, nor the time… I find this in our backyard and can’t help myself.  Ok, it still doesn’t give me much to write about, but it does leave me with a couple of questions:

  1. What the…??!?!
  2. Did Sam do that?  Ugh.
  3. Disheveled sticks, grass, dirt… did this involve more than one perp?  Skunk perhaps?

Whatever the case, it’s gross.

1 comment to Just when I thought…

  • Marilyn Danos

    I agree, gross. I’ve seen this before. How about your beloved cat (s) bringing you presents of turtles, frogs, mice, moles, baby bunnies, and assorted insects to you and all quite alive. I am not sure which is worse, dead or alive?

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