Kangaroo Care

As of today, Elsa is a whopping 2lb 15oz and has exceeded her birth weight by 1oz.  She’s very active and, in an effort to conserve her calories and help her continue to gain, she’s being tube fed every other meal for now.  She is our little mover and shaker!

James is now 3lb 9oz, two ounces over his birth weight.  Very exciting!  He’s a bit more chill than his sister, either sleeping or just quiet and content whenever we visit.

So, what’s this about a kangaroo?

Today, I had the opportunity to practice Kangaroo Care with Elsa. Kangaroo Care has been proven to help with weight gain, maintaining body temperature, bonding, and helping to increase a mother’s milk production.  As a matter of fact, thanks to Medela’s “Easy Expression” Hands Free Bustier, I’m pumping as I type this and I can already see an increase in volume in my somewhat delinquent milk maker after my Kangaroo visit just an hour ago.  The body is an amazing thing.

Here’s some more info about Kangaroo Care from the March of Dimes: http://www.marchofdimes.com/prematurity/21295_6090.asp

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