Meet air freshener, Steve

For all you singles out there who haven’t ventured into parenthood, or perhaps don’t care to ever go there after reading some of my posts (I wouldn’t necessarily blame you!), here’s one for you.

My sister, Amy (yes, guys… she’s cute, sassy, and single), has been getting tired of coming home to a quiet apartment lately.  No pets, no man…

But, wait!  “Pshhhhh”.  What was that soft whoosh of sound coming from the living room?  A mysterious tall, dark, and handsome stranger waiting quietly in the dark, beckoning?  The heater turning on?  Nope.  It’s none other than Steve, the Glade® Sense & Spray® Air FreshenerGlad Sense and Spray

Who could ask for a better companion.


  • Is quiet and unassuming
  • Doesn’t talk back
  • Has a limited vocabulary – “pshhhhh”
  • Always smells nice
  • And, will never go off more than once every 30 minutes

Gotta love it.

1 comment to Meet air freshener, Steve

  • Amy Jo

    Oh So True, So True. Thanks for posting my story sis!

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