Mike & Mike in the Morning

My husband enjoys catching up on his sports in the morning, as do a lot of guys, I’m sure.  Herein lies the reason for shows like ESPN’s Mike & Mike in the Morning.  After watching a few episodes, it occurred to me that this is just the sports version of  Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood.  Both include alleged abuse charges, contract negotiations, the latest who’s who in the field… you get the idea.

I could care less about any of these things, but appreciate the entertainment value it provides to those who do.  Ah… the diplomat in me shining through.

That was just my two cents for the day.  Enjoy your Friday!

3 comments to Mike & Mike in the Morning

  • Tara

    To me, it’s like the male version of The View. Jim listens to Mike & Mike as well every morning. I wouldn’t mind it so much, but he listens to it from the kitchen radio DOWNSTAIRS while getting ready in the bathroom that is UPSTAIRS. Add that to the voices of 4 children……you get the point? My ears are ringing by 9A!! And don’t even get me started when the Cubs are on! (SIGH!) ~Tara

  • Heidi Danos

    The View… another perfect analogy!

  • Pete

    For the most part I agree with your opinions. But at least Mike and Mike are covering people that actually work or worked HARD for a living and actually faced or face being fired for not performing–Unlike regular entertainment shows that cover J-Lo or anyone from the Twilight cast…why don’t they ever go away????? Kate from I am dumb and have 8 kids? Unreal 🙂

    Love ya Hon!


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