Mommy Confessions. What’s yours?

Ok… so yesterday, Fairy Poppins came at 8am, I gave her the lowdown on the kids and by 8:02am I was on my way to the garage.

Ahhhhhh.  Free from bottle bondage.  And, the long shopping list?  It was like a bit of warm, bright sunshine, it’s light radiating from my jacket pocket.

I head to my favorite coffee shop, Brothers K, go through a few emails and simply enjoy the chatter of other adults.  Next on the list, Target.  There, I pick up some essentials – saran wrap, aluminum foil, a spritz cookie press (I got a hell of a deal on it), etc., etc.  Then, on to the grocery store.

I head back to the house at 11:45.  There, I’m greeted by the smell of freshly cleaned floors, a sparkling clean kitchen (including the microwave), and a toilet I’d be happy to eat off of.  Well, not really, but you get the idea.

Confession:  I realize AGAIN (sadly, this has happened before) that I’ve forgotten to pick up formula, the life-sustaining food for my kids!

What’s your confession?  Oh, come on… you know you have one.

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