Mommy Confessions

So, it occurred to me the other day that, while there are a ton of “mommy confessions” floating around the web, I’ve never run into any “daddy confessions”.  Why?

My theory is that, more often than not, men don’t know that they are doing anything worth confessing.  Such as…

  • Feeding twins with the same utensil.
  • Not washing their hands after changing a poopy diaper.
  • Bawling like a baby when you just can’t take it anymore.
  • Allowing the kids to “cry it out” so they can finish a Facebook post.
  • Having the urge to scream, “shut up and stop already” at the top of their lungs when the kids are just not giving Mommy Daddy a break.

Disclaimer: I do not confirm, nor deny that any of the above mentioned confessions have or have not happened in our household by either me or my husband.

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