My First Trip – A Success!!

My first trip (without the kids, without the dog, without my husband) was a roaring success.  Granted, I was assisting at a conference and working from 6am-9pm both days, returning to my hotel room only to sleep, with little time for anything else except a coffee run to the Starbucks counter in the hotel lobby, but I must confess…

The second morning, I came down to the conference room, took a seat next to my client (who has a young boy), and asked, “Is it bad that I haven’t thought about my kids?”  She assured me I was perfectly normal.  Conversation then took a turn towards hilarious as we proceeded to talk about the Native American flutist who accompanied dinner the night before.  I had never seen so many swooning, middle-aged women in one place.  But, that’s a story for another day.

I didn’t realize, until “stepping away”, how engulfed I had become.  Sadly, almost robot-like.  Get up, change diapers, breakfast, brief nap for the kids, work, snack-time, work, lunch, nap time (shower time for Mommy, followed by work), mid-day snack time, walk or other “get out of the house” activity, dinner, then bedtime.  And, I just typed all that while flipping through a recipe book and making faces at the kids to keep them happy and engaged.  Is that weird?

Talk about being on the verge of losing one’s own identity, not to mention sanity.  And, thanks to a philanthropic conference (ah, the irony), I’ve re-discovered a little part of me that was disappearing.  Don’t get me wrong… I love my kids, love my life, but if Mamma aint’ happy…

My homework: Do not lose track of me.

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