NEEDED: Advice for Working Moms

I own my own business ( which keeps me quite busy.  Now… how on earth am I going to juggle 2 kids, breastfeeding, laundry, and work?!?  I figure I’ve got about 4 1/2 months to figure this out and I fear that time is going to fly faster than a mosquito to my ankles in July. 

Ok… truth be told, I’ve got plenty of help lined up (including my husband, of course), but I’m sure a little extra advice, tips, and tricks couldn’t hurt.

Take a moment to give me and other soon-to-be working moms your best advice.

An obvious tip would be NOT to use an iron like the one pictured.

5 comments to NEEDED: Advice for Working Moms

  • Rosanne

    Your crockpot will be your friend. Get a good crockpot cooking cook book and use it. I also have some easy quick casserole dish recipes, want them?
    And my #1 recommendation would be to get Pete to cook!!

  • Heidi Danos

    I LOVE my crockpot! Favorite recipes are always welcome.

  • Forget about perfection.

    If you happen to be a neatnik, you’re asking for it. Make a schedule and stick to it as much as possible. That will mean that some laundry will pile up until it’s turn to be handled. Sometimes dishes will just have to stay dirty until you finish other more pressing things. The cool thing about household dirt and clutter is that it will patiently wait until you get around to it.

    Cook ahead. That helped me loads when I was raising four children, teaching full-time and running them to all of their activities. Sundays after church I cooked enough for the entire week. I discovered that the oven doesn’t care if you bake four entrees at one time. At the same time you can do soup, veggies, etc. other stuff on top of the stove.

    It was great having good food ready to eat when we rolled in at 8PM after a day of school, work and violin lessons.

    It also helps if your children attend a school that requires uniforms. That spares you much time and brain cells to not have to deal with all the fashion fights that can erupt otherwise.

    Make time for you and your husband to get away alone. Line up willing relatives or a babysitter for occasional dates or weekends away. This is not a luxury. This is essential to your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. You will return well armed to deal with the challenges of juggling family and career.

  • Speaking of giving up on perfection, I just spotted an error in my previous post. Guess I still have to work on this one.
    When I wrote “That will mean that some laundry will pile up until it’s turn to be handled” I meant to say “. . .its turn…”

  • Karin

    this is going to sound totally retarded, but involve the babies in your life. If that means taking them round the corner for a pint with Pete (he’s gonna love me for this) at 2 wks. do it! If it means putting an old keyboard (the computer kind – not musical – almost forgot who i was talking to) in the playpin for them to bang on while you work – do it. i used to put my infant son on the dining room table and talk to him and show him the bills i was paying and the checks i was writing. He was entertained, learned some words, I got my work done and the checks had baby spit on them – but it was pretty fun.

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