Open Windows

To quote The Sound of Music… “When God closes a door, he opens a window”.  As it turns out, and despite a dreadful day, there are several “open windows” to be had.

What on earth is this crazy lady talking about, you ask?

Well, what was supposed to be a routine ultrasound today turned into a trip to labor & delivery.  This soon morphed into plans for a c-section on Sunday.  If you recall, at our last ultrasound, both babies weighed in at 2lbs 7oz.  This time around, our little girl was at 3lbs 1oz while the boy had grown to 3lbs 11oz.  After some investigation, it turns out that there is decreased blood flow in the girl’s umbilical cord, which could be a sign of placental problems.  So… I’ll have steroid shots today and tomorrow to assist with their lung development, and a trip to the operating room on Sunday.

Given that we have passed the 32 week mark, and after a discussion with our incredible doc, it was decided that the potential risk of trying to keep them in the oven longer doesn’t outweigh the benefits at this point and that we can better assist them on the outside (sounds like we’re trying to break them out of prison!)

So, what are these “open windows” I speak of?

  • I’m in the best possible place for this to happen.  A level 3 hospital with a terrific NICU.
  • The twins will never forget my Dad’s birthday which just so happens to be c-section day.
  • Our little boy, the one that is set to break out first, is currently breech, which negates any discussion of a vaginal delivery, hence relieving me of having to make that decision which could potentially end up in a c-section regardless (something I am not keen on, but at this point, it’s all about them.)
  • My parents are coming down!  Always nice to see them.  Granted, I’d prefer different circumstances, but nonetheless.
  • The nurse stopped by this evening and told me, “Now remember, don’t forget to take advantage of room service tomorrow and pack it in before midnight!”  When was the last time someone told you to eat and pack it in?

So, there you have it.  Several windows in a room that appeared, at first glance, to have a lot of doors.

Hangin’ in and just hangin’ out.

1 comment to Open Windows

  • Thinking of you, Heidi! Can’t wait to see pictures. Vicki

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