Our first trip to the YMCA

What work-at-home mom with twins wouldn’t be excited about a family membership at the Y that includes 2 hours of child care, 6 days a week?  I was ecstatic.  Couldn’t stop talking about it.

YMCAHere’s how our first trip played out:

I was on the phone with my sister the day after our first big snowstorm.  I mentioned going to the Y, thinking it wouldn’t be overly busy due to the post storm clean-up.  Maybe this would be the day to “try it out”.

As my sister cheered me on from 700 miles away, I started gathering our wares – diapers, drinks, treats, membership cards, phone, keys, and lock.

We did a quick diaper change, then proceeded to the bundle phase – socks, boots, hats, mittens, and coats.  At this point, we were already 30 minutes into this ordeal.  Unfortunately, just getting them to the car was not without incident.  Because of the recent snow, my car was in the garage as opposed to the street directly in front of our house.  Carrying both children over the ice-covered walk to the garage was not an option for fear of us all making face-down snow angels.  I tucked Elsa (who I thought would be the lesser of two evils) safety away in her crib while I got James saddled up in the car.  Let’s just say… I think Elsa would have opted for the snow angels.

After only a slight parking delay, I surveyed the land to make sure it was going to be stroller-worthy after the snow.  Looked good!

I parked the stroller inside the Y, grabbed both kids and headed downstairs (yes, I said downstairs) to the babysitting center.  This involves holding one kid on the hip and grabbing the other like a sack of potatoes.  It works.  I’ve done it millions of times, and if there was a child-grabbing olympic event, I’m pretty sure I’d get a medal.

As I was signing the kids in, James saw another woman walk out the door.  Thinking it was me (I assumed), he burst into tears.  Elsa, on the other hand, was already exploring.  I quickly snagged James, brought him to his sister, and bolted out the door when nobody was looking.

Ahhhhhh!!!!!  Within 5 minutes, I was on a treadmill, by myself.  No responsibilities, no kids, no work, and no water.  Damn.  Nothing was going to stop me!  I survived 45 minutes before seeing a mirage on the television.

I grabbed some much needed hydration, took a couple of deep breaths, and headed back to the child care center.

You’d think your kids would be happy to see you after such a traumatic event.  Oh, they were.  They were so happy they burst into tears and wouldn’t let go.  One on each leg, I walked over to get their bag, signed them out, and very happily accepted help to get the flailing monsters back upstairs.

After saddling them up in their stroller, I realized that, amidst the chaos, I had left my jacket downstairs in the child care center.  AHHHHHH!!!!  Thanks to the kindness of the woman at the front desk, I was able to bolt down and grab it without incident.

We headed back to the car, buckled in, headed home, and napped!  All of us.

Will I do it again?  Sure.  Will I cut my workout in 1/2 knowing that 50% of the workout is just getting there and back?  Probably. Will I be sure to schedule some Mommy-ONLY trips to the Y?  YES!!

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