Our Green Challenge

So, what is this Green Challenge that I spoke of earlier?

Here were the hints I provided, along with a few extra notes:

  • Something in the house will be getting a lot lighter (the garbage!)
  • Grandma and Grandpa did it (they didn’t have the fancy schmancy kind we do today)
  • Gloves may be in order (if you’re a bit squeamish)
  • I actually put together a spreadsheet about it at one time (to show cost savings)
  • Daddy isn’t exactly hyped for this challenge (especially the stinky part)
  • Sam… he could probably care less, although he might get off on the extra smells (I’m hoping baking soda will minimize this issue)


We are taking part in a 3-week cloth diaper challenge for a new Green Challenge column in Kiwi Magazine.  Keep an eye out for the column in one of the upcoming summer issues!

My intention was to green diaper from the beginning, but time became a precious commodity and it just didn’t happen.  I tried, I really did.  So, this is probably just the push I need.  And, now that the twins are a bit older, it’s not nearly as intimidating.

The best part is that, not only do I have a ton of diapers that we received as a gift, I’ve also received several other models (as a result of the challenge) that I’ll be road testing, so to speak.  Let’s hope we don’t end up with too many skid marks.

Diapers and detergent I’ll be reviewing for your pleasure, include:


Charlie Banana

G Diapers

Fuzzi Bunz
Rock in Green

A note that we also received diapers from Bambino Mio, but unfortunately, they are a tad small.

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