Pay to Play… in Band??!?!

I opened up the Chicago Tribune this morning to an article about fees going up in area schools for everything from class registration, parking permits, and sports, to band, choir, and photography classes!  Some fees are going up as much as $85 with new totals for 2011 topping out at $215!!  So much for “no child left behind”.

I recognize that I was VERY spoiled having grown up in a small town where you didn’t pay to register for classes, play in the band, or sing in the choir, but to possibly exclude children from activities that are important to their development is absurd.  After all, playing sports promotes hand-eye coordination and music is very closely associated with a child’s ability to learn and understand math.  Not to mention the social aspects of these activities.

What fees are you paying in your area?  And, do you think they are reasonable?

1 comment to Pay to Play… in Band??!?!

  • Tara

    Isn’t it crazy? I just wrote my $315 (for 3 kids) check today for the next school year. And that doesn’t even include the required school supplies that I have to get. Small/no fees are long gone I’m afraid! Better start saving now Heidi! We did however get a deal….it’s $40 for orchestra and $40 for band…BUT, if you sign up for BOTH, you only pay $40. So, Addison is going to try out the flute along with her violin.

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