Phyllis Schlafly and the Flipside of Feminism

The Flipside of FeminismOn my way to the coffee shop to get some work done, I caught the beginning of an interview on NPR with Phyllis Schlafly.  I wasn’t familiar with her, but I was intrigued when they mentioned that this woman has 6 children, a law degree, and has written over 20 books.  Her latest book, written with her niece, is titled The Flipside of Feminism.

I’m not a feminist, I’m not an anti-feminist, I’m not a democrat and, while I’d love an elephant to grace my backyard, I’m not a republican.

Phyllis, now 83, successfully campaigned against the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment back in 1973.  She, quite appropriately, makes note of the differences between men and women.  I love my husband, but even he will admit that I’m the better option when it comes to soothing the little ones to sleep in the middle of the night.  In addition, women give birth.  We can’t change that.

The Equal Rights Amendment, according to Phyllis, was to make all laws “sex neutral”.  Given the simple fact that men and woman are built differently from a physical standpoint, I have to say, she’s got something there.  However, that isn’t going to prevent me from trying to chase down my husband’s golf game on the course this year.  Although, based on my performance at the driving range yesterday, I’ve got a ways to go.

Anyway… if you’re up for some thought-provoking conversation, check out the full NPR interview here.

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