Place a label on it and…

We’ve hit the 22 week mark!  I figured this would go fast, but holy crap-a-rolly!!  There’s so much to do.

Yesterday, I made a trip to the store and stopped at BabysRUs to pick up a changing pad cover and a few waterproof (who am I kidding – PeeProof) covers to place on top of it.  Those will also double as a good changing area if we’re changing two at a time.  After taking a walk around BabysRUs, it was very apparent that once you place a label on something, the price goes up – babies, weddings, etc.  Take, for example, the dresser we picked up on Freecycle.  New, that dresser retails for about $300 bucks!  It’s just pressed board with wood door fronts and top.  What a ripoff!  Not to mention, the door fronts needed to be secured when we got it, but that’s nothing that a few brackets won’t take care of.

I’m on a mission to see just how far my frugality will take me.  In the process, we’ll be doing a little reducing, reusing, and recycling!

Now, I realize that some of you may balk at not having matching furniture or making use of other “gently used” baby items.  The way I figure it, babies grow up – FAST!  That changing table isn’t going to be around forever.  Don’t like the color?  Paint it.  And, if an item is washable and able to be sanitized – PERFECT!

And, by all means… keep and eye on our ever-expanding “equipment” list if you plan on having kids.  If you see something you might be able to use, let us know.  We’re not going to need it forever.

So far, our grand total = $30.

  • Dresser – FREE
  • Brackets and liquid nails to secure the drawer fronts – $10
  • Changing pad and waterproof covers – $20

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