Pole Dancing – My First “Thumbs Down” Comment!

Parenting magazine recently posted an article regarding pole dancing classes that are being offered to 3-year-olds in England.  Of course, most people gasp in horror at that thought.  I, however, chose to take another approach.  That approach resulted in my first (to my knowledge) “thumbs down” comment.

I’ve created controversy!

The first sentence of my comment is, admittedly, a little “off”.  My fingers didn’t quite expel all that was going on inside my head.

Unaware of sexual messages they may be sending, perhaps, but what’s worse… that or the childhood obesity rate?

I just got excited about the possibility of kids actually moving instead of melting into a couch somewhere watching Disney movies, eating bon bons.  Please note: I don’t think it’s cool to teach your kids pole dancing – ever.  I don’t need my three-year-old asking for thongs and dangling nipple covers.  And, I certainly don’t want my kids sending sexual messages until they are like… 25?  That seems fair.

I must say, however, having a kid with killer thighs instead of thunder thighs isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Oh, and yes, I agree that there are a ton of other positive activities that kids could be doing in lieu of this controversial pastime so don’t bother filling up my inbox with links to your local park district’s summer activity calendars.

Anyway, following is the infamous comment:

Unaware of sexual messages they may be sending, perhaps, but what’s worse… that or the childhood obesity rate?  Don’t crucify me just yet.  Before sending my kid to a class like this, I’d want to know – are they really teaching “sultry” or are they just teaching strength and athleticism?  Just because something is done around a pole (Maypole, for example) doesn’t mean it’s always sexual.

One more thing. It has since been brought to my attention that the history of the Maypole carries some very sexual connotations. According to Wikipedia, it sounds as though the symbolism has been a source of constant debate.  I’ll stick to the vision of children laughing and running around a pole with pretty ribbons.

Well, that’s it. I hope I’ve successfully covered my ass. So, let’s get this party started! Would you let your 3-year-old take pole dancing classes?

Pete's Perspective

Only mothers who are sluts at heart would allow their children to participate in such a ridiculous activity.  Does it teach you strength?  Sure.  Does it teach you balance?  You betcha.  It also teaches participants how to grind their “money maker” in ways that are unfit for a 3-year-old.  What’s next?  How to hump like a porn star for 5-year-olds?  Give me a break people.  Take your 3-year-old to the park and play some ball!  Leave the stripper pole to women who have daddy issues and are trying to “make it as dancers”.

4 comments to Pole Dancing – My First “Thumbs Down” Comment!

  • Oh it is bound to happen. I wrote a post about spanking and started some serious hell fire on my blog and in someone else’s BlogFrog forum. I had NO idea so many think it is biblical. Congrats!

    Heidi Danos Reply:

    I laugh at the hell-fire comments I read. People take things far too seriously sometimes. Thanks for the “Congrats!” I’m off to celebrate now.

  • Jeff Siddiqui

    I wonder if they replaced the pole with Barney-would that be acceptable? Or would that be perceived as “furry” related :/

    Heidi Danos Reply:

    Big, purple dinosaurs are just evil.

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