Save someone’s sanity. SIGNAL!!

Follow these simple rules of the road and we’ll all be much happier campers, I promise!  And, no, this isn’t about being hormonal and pregnant.  It’s just plain ‘ol common sense.

  • Learn the rules of a 4-way stop.  Just because you are driving a Lincoln Navigator doesn’t give you the right of way.  This isn’t a lake people!
  • Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT step on your brakes unless there is a car, human being, animal, or government issued sign in your path that requests that you do so.  Random braking for no apparent reason is just plain ‘ol confusing and obnoxious.
  • Get off your cell phone.  Unless you are one of these “supertaskers” (and even then, I’d request that you think REALLY hard about it), put it down.  I beg you!
  • If I am turning left off a two-way street with two lanes of traffic going both ways and 1) you are in the lane closest to me coming towards me and 2) you do not have a stop sign, DON’T STOP to be polite.  While this may seem counter-intuitive, understand that with you stopped in the middle of the road, I can’t see anything that is going on behind you or in the other lane coming my direction.  Allow me to demonstrate:
  • SIGNAL!!  Come on… please, I beg you!  Contrary to what you may believe, we have NO freakin’ clue where you are going nor do we care.  Use the tools Ford, Toyota, and the rest of the car manufacturers gave you to let us know, to the best of your ability, which direction you are going so we are prepared to hit our brakes if necessary as opposed to sending you to the repair shop instead of your intended destination.

If you’ve actually read this far, kudos and thank you!!  Ahhhh… I feel like I’ve cleansed my soul.  Thanks for listening.

2 comments to Save someone’s sanity. SIGNAL!!

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  • Amy

    I completely agree. There are too many people on the road to not be utilizing the safety functions in our vehicles!! It’s just too confusing to guess where the person you don’t know is planning to go where you don’t care.

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