An appointment with Dr. Henriott

Yesterday was our 2nd appointment with Dr. Henriott.  Everything is going well!  We heard two strong little heartbeats.  During a quick ultrasound, Baby B was movin’ and grovin’.  Baby A was a little more calm, legs crossed, just hanging out.

Sex has yet to be determined.  Our Dr. caught a quick glimpse of Baby B’s bottom-side, but because my husband wasn’t at this appointment, the words, “Don’t tell me!!” flew out of my mouth faster than you can imagine.   Knowing anything would have meant keeping the biggest secret of my life.  We look forward to finding out together at the next ultrasound in about 2 weeks.

I gotta say… I’ve never enjoyed Dr. appointments so much.  It’s a huge high and has provided a lot of positive reinforcement that the long process it took to get to this point was all worth it.

On the flip side, I’m also reminded that we have a lot of movin’ and grovin’ of our own to do in the house before the two little monster arrive!  My husband’s got a list 😉

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