Search terms used to find MoraJunction

I recently became intrigued by the search terms that people have used to find MoraJunction.  Here are a few, for your enjoyment.

Devin Hester
I made one mention of this Chicago Bear’s wide receiver becoming a Daddy Blogger for Chicago Parent and wham!  Mr. Hester became MoraJunction’s top search phrase.  My husband would be proud, no doubt.

20 weeks pregnant twins belly
20 weeks pregnant pictures tummy twins in a mirror
Belly stretched to the max
Now, these make a bit more sense.

Gingerbread Spritz Cookies
This was a simple experiment that worked!  And, apparently Gingerbread Spritz Cookies are a popular holiday treat.

Mike and Mike in the Morning fired
Again with the sports!  Ok, I did mention the show, but seriously, I am NOT a sports freak!

Remodel pregnant
Not a good idea.  Trust me.  But, oh, so worth it!

Stop sign trivia
I had no idea you cared!  And, this isn’t Jeopardy people.  Just common sense.

Always pad commercial
People search feminine hygiene products?  Ok, I guess I did.

Bladder negotiations
WHAT?!?  Really?  People actually searched this phrase?  Huh.

Art misunderstanding by calm, poise, and balance
Obviously, I’m not the only one who received this – not so unique – fortune.

He always touches my nose

Pacifier withdrawal symptoms
This sounds serious.

Should you take a stool softener before a c-section
The answer is YES, if you’re allowed.


I had to search my own site to figure out where these search terms led my unsuspecting visitors:

Fat enough to eat cannibal

Lipstick men


2 comments to Search terms used to find MoraJunction

  • Love it. I get a kick out of looking at my terms, too. Why do people do some of those searches? “Squeamish vegan” and “youths and listening to them?” were my most puzzling.
    Marcy (Too Timid) recently posted..Don’t Be Too Timid! Link Party 1

  • I like your post I have wanted to post a similar one but could never make it look right.

    Some of the search terms I get are the obvious ones “A girl named Mike” or “are there girls named Michael” but then you get some like “dad and step daughter dating” yuk. “hiccups” I have no idea why and “sick day secret agent” and more often then I like “naked pictures of a girl named michael” This one freaks me out a little.
    MJ Scott recently posted..And the Sex was

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