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My husband and I, along with the twins, had the opportunity to participate in a Green Challenge (trudging through cloth diapers) for the June/July issue of Kiwi Magazine. Kiwi is dedicated to helping parents raise

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This should be illegal in April

Seriously. See those little dots of green struggling to break free from the throws of winter? Click on the picture to enlarge. You’ll see ’em. Those are my hostas. Well, not my hostas, well, they are now I guess… you get the picture.

It just occurred to me, I’m my own hosta. Probably of

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Cloth Diaper Review Time

I know you’re dying to ask, “Did the cloth diapers stand up to the mounds of poo and gallons of pee that were expelled during your three-week challenge?” If you’re feeling guilty for disposing of bag after bag of disposable diapers, and you’ve considered cloth but just can’t get yourself to make the

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Our Green Challenge

So, what is this Green Challenge that I spoke of earlier?

Here were the hints I provided, along with a few extra notes:

Something in the house will be getting a lot lighter (the garbage!) Grandma and Grandpa did it (they didn’t have the fancy schmancy kind we do today) Gloves may be in order

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