Don’t trust me to recite a recipe. EVER!!

So, here I am hanging out at the coffee shop (with a little audio ambiance so you can feel like you’re right here with me).

Coffee shop ambiance (mp3)

But, wait! This isn’t my usual spot?!? What’s going on?

I’ve hit the calm before the storm with work, so I decided to take a

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Coffee Shop Musings

In addition to being swamped lately, I think I’ve been inadvertently hiding from my blog after my last confession. Not to mention, life hasn’t been all that exciting lately.

Although… I must say, I was pretty excited to find a tiny, thumbnail-sized piece of solid poo in Elsa’s diaper this morning. Oh,

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Decaf, schmeecaf!

Well, it’s official. Dunkin’ Donuts decaf is truly satisfying. I was a huge leaded coffee drinker prior to carrying around the two little aliens. Decaf just never had quite the same kick. But this… I can live with.

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