Operation “Pacifier Be Gone” complete

Fairy Poppins and I did a great job of refraining from the pacifier plug on Thursday. Thursday night, however, I caved. I couldn’t take it and I knew Pete had to get up in the morning. Listening to persistent screaming for 2 hours wasn’t in the cards.

Day 1 – Friday

We’ll call it

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Operation “Pacifier Be Gone” commencing

Image courtesy of Amy Saeter, sister extraordinaire.

Rehab it is. And, it’s doctor approved.

Yesterday was our 6-month checkup at the doctor. Dr. H walked in the room and greeted me with a cheery, “So, how’s everything going? My, they have grown!” I quickly replied, “I’m giving

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My Son is a pacifier addict!

There, I said it!

Up until recently, I was thoroughly convinced that my kids were the most perfect, well-behaved twins on the planet. At 5 1/2 months, I considered myself one of the luckiest moms ever!

I mean… they are perfect, and I love them to death, but sometimes they make me want to

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