5 Tips to Surviving a C-Section

Click this pic to see my incision, thanks to Pete's inquisitive camera. Warning! It is graphic.

My scar, which is incredibly small, yet still a little numb, is a constant reminder, so while I’m thinking about it, I thought I’d share some “lessons learned”.

I went in

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Bladder Negotiations

Heidi is stirred awake by the dog meandering in the middle of the night, approximately 12:30am.

BLADDER: Let’s go to the bathroom… come on, come on, you lazy human!

HEIDI: FINE!! But, only because I’ve still got a good night’s sleep ahead of me.

Both Heidi and Bladder roll out of bed (literally), and stumble

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So fat, so fast!

How is it that one can feel so fat, so fast. It’s as though I exploded overnight! Putting on my shoes is going to become a modified yoga move in no time. And, to think that we are only at 4 months! In true northern Minnesota rhetoric… “Uff da!”

Warning! Pregnancy = House Remodel!!

Trust me. The minute you find out you’re pregnant it’s, “We need to re-do the bathroom”, “We need to move the guest bedroom”, “Damn, I wish our kitchen was remodeled!”

Need proof? I’m completely out of commission for remodeling, so a HUGE shout out to my husband Pete and his buddy Eric for taking

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