World Famous (my world anyway) Wild Rice Soup

Don’t worry… I’ve got the recipe in front of me this time. If I forget anything, I’m blaming the two beef bouillon cube containers that have been an endless source of fighting and frustration for the past 24 hours.

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Don’t trust me to recite a recipe. EVER!!

So, here I am hanging out at the coffee shop (with a little audio ambiance so you can feel like you’re right here with me).

Coffee shop ambiance (mp3)

But, wait! This isn’t my usual spot?!? What’s going on?

I’ve hit the calm before the storm with work, so I decided to take a

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TWOsday Treats

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1) Woman braves traffic for ducklings. Granted, this could have been a “bad to worse” situation… woman risks her life and potentially those of the other drivers on the road, but it’s cute nonetheless.

2) Semifreddo. Why didn’t anyone

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