Thanksgiving Recipes

A couple of my favorite holiday sides. Enjoy!!

Apple Stuffing

1/2 C. Butter 1 Can apple pie filling (make your own if you want, but why?) 1/2 C. Diced onions 1/4 C. Seedless raisins 3 T. Honey 2 T. Nuts 1 C. Water 1 Pkg. Herb-seasoned stuffing mix (again, make your own if you want,

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A Successful Thanksgiving!

This year’s first gluttonous holiday went off without a hitch. And the new kitchen acted like the star that she is.

By 10:15am an apple pie had been baked, a pumpkin pie was in the oven, cream had been whipped, the turkey was stuffed, rubbed (with sage butter!), and ready to go. The ingredients

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