Gaining Nicely

Had another ultrasound today. We’ve gone from 1lb 7oz and 1lb 11oz to about 2lbs 7oz a piece. Coming along nicely! Saw more scary face pics too. Profiles are OK, but full frontal face pics on an ultrasound just look creepy. Sorry kids.

A Sign of Things to Come?

Due to Baby B being a tad uncooperative at the last ultrasound, we had a follow-up today. Things are looking good! Baby A weighed in at approximately 1lb 11oz, while Baby B is at 1lb 7oz.

Now… I know that ultrasound pics are supposed to be fun and cute, but even as a loving mother,

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Are all systems “GO”?!

I thought my ultrasound this morning was at 10am however, last night I thought I’d double check. So, I log into my personal portal on our hospital’s website, look in my (MY!) message center’s inbox and see that it says 11am. So, fine. My sister, her two kids, and I show up at 11am. The

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TWOsday Treats

1) Have you seen your spontaneous smiley today? Check out this unique concept by Ruth Kaiser:

2) Ok, ok… I guess it’s time. And, I gotta give some of you credit for actually identifying the correct genders from those ultrasound pics!! Yes, it’s true folks. Pete and I are having

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