The all NEW Diaper Genie!

This one doesn’t sit in the corner of a room near the changing table.  It doesn’t magically appear from a jeweled lamp.

This genie is a 5′ 10″, brown-haired, blue-eyed drudge who answers to frantic distress calls of “WET!” multitudinous times between 12am and 4:30am.

Elsa: Mommy… MOMmy… MOMMY!

Mommy: Re-adjusts her cocoon of blankets as if nothing has happened.

Elsa: Wet. OWWW! WET.

Mommy: Takes a deep breath, recalling the numerous times that Elsa has quietly ripped off her diaper in the middle of the night and soon thereafter, found herself napping in a river of gold.  Quickly jumps to attention.

Elsa: Quiet.

Mommy: For a moment, wonders if she has been dreaming, but alas… there it is again.

Elsa: MOMmy!!!

Mommy: In a daze, grabs a diaper, knocking all other diapers (and everything within a 2 foot radius), to the floor.  Doesn’t care. Proceeds to change diaper.  Frustrated, wraps up the only slightly damp diaper, haphazardly tosses it near the trash can and proceeds to bed.

Repeat 3 times.

Elsa sleeps.

The next morning…

Mommy: Cleans up shrapnel.

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