They’re here!

The twins graced us with their presence on Sunday, August 15th at 12:48pm (James Peter) and 12:49pm (Elsa Lee).  Ironically, the 15th is also my Dad’s birthday.  This year, his 65th!  Happy Birthday, Grandpa!!

James Peter:

Elsa Lee:

These past few days have been full of emotion, weirdness, disbelief, humor, and much more.  Details soon to follow!

2 comments to They’re here!

  • June

    Hi Heidi, congrats from all of us at Super 8. We are so happy for both of you and hope and pray that all continues to go well. Keep sending pics so we can see the changes and growth. God Bless June

  • Debbie Schuman

    Congrats! They are beautiful. I am your mom’s cousin…a twin and a mother of twins. We are all identical twins…girls. Although my girls just turned 32, I still have memories, and with any luck, can give you some advise (if you need it). It was a wonderful experience, but I must admit I a had a sigh of relief when the other two were single births. The pregnacies were so much easier. They were all born early…my last one, Robert, 4 weeks early.

    My sister and I, along with Amy and Beth, are still very close…the twin bond I guess. I am also a grandmother of a 2yr old boy…so I am up on the new parenting ways and follow them to the letter. Laura can attest to this. I think the fact that I am asked to watch Eli, and even invited along on their vacations, proves they trust me.

    I wish you all the best, and if there is anyway I can help, please don’t hesitate to ask. I have always wanted to visit the Chicago area, and with the exception of a busiess trip, I have not yet made it. Maybe I can convince my twin to come with me. She hosted the recent family reunion. You were the topic of many converstions. It was great to see your mom, dad, sister, and grandma (and the rest of the gang from Fosston). We are the relatives that share 3 of the names of your family members (Robert, Laura, and Amy).

    Thanks for sharing your experiences on this web site. Take care and say hey to Pete…don’t want him to feel left out. It sounds like he is wonderful and you both have so much fun ahead of you. Take care and may God bless you all.

    Love, Debbie

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