They’re home!!

Elsa and James have both broken out of the ISCU and are now home… well, in a hotel with Pete and I for the week.  Why on earth would we be living in a hotel with preemie twins?  No, it’s not because we are just plain ‘ol stupid and looking for a challenge (finding diapers, searching through bags and boxes to locate vitamin drops, trying to keep the twins happy and content so as not to bother neighbors in the middle of the night, calling friends to do laundry when they have peed through all their clothes… the list goes on.)

I’ll keep you guessing, and I will explain more in upcoming posts.  Trust me, it’s all good!  It’s actually GREAT!!!!!

And, yes – more pics will be coming soon, I promise.

1 comment to They’re home!!

  • Rosanne

    YEA!!! The fun really begins now!

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