It’s too late to turn back now!

The kids are now a year and a half.  I can’t believe it.

ElsaUpon exiting a restaurant recently, Elsa (sunglasses on) enthusiastically bid her crown adieu, waving and quite loudly proclaiming, “Bye, bye!”

JamesJames is still content to remain in the shadows, observing and pouncing when appropriate.

I’m not going to lie to you… it hasn’t been easy.  If you’re a parent, you already know what I’m talking about.  If you’re a work-at-home parent, all the more power to you!

Something has gotta give!

As many of you know, I’ve had my own business for several years now.  I work as a business support specialist for entrepreneurs across the country.  In the hospital, pre and post c-section, you would’ve found me with my computer in my lap, catching up on work.  I take what I do very seriously and as a result of my attentiveness I’ve never advertised and didn’t suffer a lack of work during the recession.  In recent months, however, straw has been weighing heavily and the camel’s back is about to break.  A few things I’ve learned as a work-at-home Mom:

  • It’s great!  To be at home with your children all day, what more could one ask.  I remember seeing the moment Elsa first found her thumb and the moment James finally rolled over.  Precious.
  • It sucks!  You feel trapped and often times, claustrophobic.
  • People really respect what you do!  You work at home AND have twins?  Impressive.  Why, thank you!
  • People don’t have a clue!  They think you sit on the couch all day eating bon bons, intermittently stopping to change a diaper.
  • You look amazing!  You’ve had twins?  You look great!
  • I’m exhausted and feel like a louse!  I don’t have the time or the energy to work out, but thanks to my very mobile 20lb weights, I’m able to maintain a fairly attractive figure.
  • So cool that you have your own business!  Yes, it’s great.  I can make my own hours.
  • I have my own business.  Clients are pulling at me 24/7.  Nap time is work time.  After bedtime, more work.  I shouldn’t even be writing this.  I have emails to respond to.

Running a service-based business as a work-at-home Mom is next to impossible.  As a matter of fact, if you don’t mind me saying so, I’m a pseudo Super Woman for doing it as long as I have.

So, here’s the crazy part.  I’ve started ANOTHER business with the end goal of giving this busy woman more agency in her own life.  It’s creative, fun, and in a couple of years, I’ll have two little worker bees to assist!  Don’t worry, I will fully respect child labor laws.  In addition, we will be donating 10% of profits to your favorite organizations.

If you’re read this far, thank you.  Here’s the scoop on the new biz!

Dirty Knees SoapOne day, my sisters and I decided to try our hand at crafting our own soap.  Why?  It seemed like an intriguing process, I guess.  Why do people jump out of airplanes?  Why do people check in on Facebook when they enter their own bathrooms?  Because they can.

Well, our experiment was so successful that my husband frantically searches the house for a replacement bar whenever we’re down to the last slippery little sliver in the shower.  Our warehouse club eco-pack of lime green, chemically infused, funky smelling soap bars has been shunned, slowly disintegrating in our storage closet.

Our soap is made from a few key ingredients and, because we only offer a limited variety of products (with a few specialty items thrown in throughout the year), your shopping experience will be quick and hassle-free.  No hemming and hawing about whether you should get the mango scented cupcake bar with vanilla frosting body butter on top or the lavender bar with chocolate zebra stripes.

So, with all that in mind, help a Momma out and spread the word!

Dirty Knees Soap Co.

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