Trashy Business!

So, what exactly is the protocol when you pull up to a red light and, just to your right, you see a woman waiting at the bus stop who proceeds to pull apart the outer wrapping of a band-aid, toss it on the ground haphazardly (it’s not like it was windy and an obvious accident), wrap it around her finger, then proceed to file her nails?

As I see it, here are some options:

  1. Say nothing and feel that burning “grrrr!!!” feeling the rest of the day (hence this post).  A typical stoic, Norwegian response.  Maybe I need to dig out my “If I had balls they’d be bigger than yours” t-shirt more often – step it up a notch.
  2. Open the window and kindly request that she pick up the trash.
  3. Open the window and not-so-kindly request that she pick it up.  After all, she is an adult and should know better!
  4. Get out of my car and calmly pick it up without saying a word, hoping it will make her feel like poo (a little evil, perhaps).

I try to be a good person… we recycle, we own a Reel mower (the kind your Grandpa used), we’re conscious about not wasting electricity… and now, we not only have to think about our world, but our kids’ world!  Talk about a different perspective.

Well?  What would YOU do?

1 comment to Trashy Business!

  • Amy

    #4 – they deserve to feel awful about what they just did. It might be the only way they will learn.
    Or… #5 – walk over with your 8 year old niece who bluntly asks the lady why she threw her trash on the ground in the first place. Kids are good for that say-what-they’re-thinking-without-consequence kind of thing. : )

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