Treaded tragedies

Just as I headed out of the parking garage, it hit me.  No pictures!  I am a horrible documentarian .  It won’t happen again, I promise.  Oh, and just so we’re clear, I’m blaming a close friend for today’s hijinx.  You know who you are (or, you will after I explain).

Daddy and I had plans to take care of some paperwork today, so the kids and I decided to meet him downtown at his office for lunch.  We picked up Dad, parked the car in a nearby parking garage, and headed over to Kinzie Chophouse where Waiter Jim and the rest of the staff ooo-ed and ahhh-ed over the kids.  What parent doesn’t enjoy a little show-and-tell.  From there, we headed over to Pete’s office.  After some paperwork and a few more ooos and ahhs, Daddy – gentleman that he is – walked us back to the car.  Thank God!!

Let me back up.  After we picked Daddy up for lunch, he noticed that my low tire pressure light was on.  Huh.  I did hit a pothole, so maybe that threw it off a bit.  I figured I’d check it when I returned home.  Well, when we returned to the parking garage, the tire was flat… Flat Stanley flat.

One treaded tragedy – CHECK!

This wasn’t the first time Pete had changed a tire on this car (the last time was in negative-digit weather), so he flew into action.

As luck would have it, Pete purchased some sexy new shoes for work yesterday.  While on his knees placing the jack, he scuffed up the toes on the rough concrete.  Lovely.

Another treaded tragedy – CHECK!

So why is this so-called friend responsible?  When paying for the parking ticket at the kiosk, I grabbed the receipt and told Pete, “Ya know, person who will not be named suggests always grabbing the receipt just in case you get to the car and end up dealing with a dirty diaper, throw up, or some other odd and unusual child-related activity, which may cause your paid ticket to expire before you’re able to leave the garage”.  Not bad advice, as our extra 30 minutes would’ve cost us another $9.00 on top of the other $28.00 we had already paid for under 3 hours of parking!  Note to self, take the train next time.

Well… thanks to my friend, there was a voice in my head today saying, “Take the receipt, take the receipt”.  “Ok, ok,” I responded, rolling my eyes to myself.  And, while I still blame her for our jinx in a very comedic sense… THANK YOU, my friend.  Love you!

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