Turning 40: A Pledge

Buck CherryI will continue to fairy dance in the rain and “Crazy Bitch” hair bang.  To my sisters, Amy and Kelly, your presence is requested on or before my birthday to celebrate.

On a side note, “Crazy Bitch” is a great song to accompany “the Heidi*”.  What’s “the Heidi,” you ask?  Ever done the plank pose for more than a minute?  Try three (my personal record)!!  Note: I do not endorse nor recommend this, especially if you are in need of your abdomen the following day.

* Thanks to Dave for the moniker.

2 comments to Turning 40: A Pledge

  • Amy Jo

    I’ll be there!!! Just gotta work on the Kell-ster.

  • I love this and firmly believe that dancing like a fairy should be required for all women over the age of 30. Keeps your youth in tact and your spirit healthy 😉 Happy early 40th!!!
    Amanda recently posted..180 into the Ugly Darkness

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