Turning 40: A surprise visit!

I learned a few things yesterday:

  1. My husband is confident and secure in his husband-inity (see Photoshop work below).
  2. Cosmos are still a favorite drink of mine.  I think.  I can’t quite remember.
  3. My friends and family rock!


Heidi standing by wall

Wait a minute… is that Sting on the wall?
And, who is that hot chick next to him in the middle photo?

Heidi by Sting Wall

Shake it!!  Don’t break it.


My make-shift martini glass.

Martini Glass

Huh… I’m sensing a theme here.

Sting Wall

Just in case you need a closer look:

Sting Kissing

The birthday stash.

Sting Stash

There’s that theme again!

Sting Stash

“Pete, you A**!”

50th Cake

A little purple 5 in your face.
Yeah, take that, Pete!

50th Cake

Oh, whoops.  I am embarrassed.  Very sweet.

40th Cake

While I appreciate all the well-wishes and effort that went into this event, let us not forget that technically, I’m still 39 for the next 3 days.  So, with that in mind, I expect additional well-wishes, and perhaps a package or two, and most importantly that full-time nanny at a minimum (note my wish list), to come knocking on my door.

Oh, and… I suspect that Sting was already booked the day of the party since he didn’t show, but I’m sure you’ve already scheduled him to surprise me with a personal visit soon.  Right?  RIGHT?!?!?

4 comments to Turning 40: A surprise visit!

  • AWESOME! So happy to see your family gave you a proper 40th. Happy early birthday Heidi 😉
    Amanda | OneMommysThoughts recently posted..Friday Photo Favorite And OneMommy’s Thought Dump

  • Marne

    I am so glad you enjoyed your evening. Pete worked really hard getting everyone together. I wish I could have been there. We definitely need to plan a mom’s night out before we hit our 50’s!

    Heidi Danos Reply:

    I think we can manage that. I think. Perhaps. I hope. Ugh. Where does the time go. Have a great T-Giving!

  • Gillian Stein

    Awesome! Loved the STING photo shop moments!

    You look fabulous. They say 40 is the new 30 — we don’t stop!

    (or so I hear…I do have TIME before I reach that milestone…yes, I am rubbing it in)
    Love ya! Jill

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