Twins – Random Lessons Learned at the Zoo

At 10 1/2 months, we decided to make a trip to the zoo.  Yes, people. The “1/2” does make a difference. Think, huge. Really huge. Largest ball of string huge. I was going to provide you a link to an article, or at least a picture of the largest ball of string, but when I Googled it, a quick glance revealed “the largest ball of string” as being in Minnesota, Kansas, Wisconsin… it’s not that important.

Brookfield ZooAnyway, as I was saying. Pete and I recently took the twins to the Brookfield Zoo.  We learned a few valuable lessons as a result of this trip.

  • Check the projected temperature before venturing inland to the zoo, away from Lake Michigan.  It was 22 degrees hotter than it was in our 68 degree paradise back home.
  • At this age, not even the coolest of cool animals were of any interest to the kids.
  • While Brookfield provides an incredible experience, for instant gratification (especially for young, impatient viewers), Lincoln Park Zoo should be the go-to.
  • Next time we need a Mommy and Daddy day out of the house, hire a babysitter.

Lincoln Park ZooThe biggest lesson we learned, however, is that no matter how hard it seems at times… things could always be worse (and thank God it’s not – more on that later)!  While perusing the scenery at the zoo, Pete and I noticed a family with triplets.  All boys.  Identical.  Nine months old, perhaps.  They were riding in a stroller, one in front of the other.  As we stood gawking, not unlike people do when we cart around the twins, one by one the triplets started screaming.  Picture someone striking three consecutive notes on a xylophone, one at a time and very deliberately.  We looked at one another, horrified!  Almost in unison, “Oh, hell no!” was uttered as we quickly booked it to the nearest exit.

Pete's Perspective
So, I learned a few things that surprisingly, hot day:

  1. The Brookfield Zoo is overrated.  Almost every parent that I’ve talked to talks about how much better it is than the Lincoln Park Zoo… then again, most of those parents live in the non-city-like burbs so no surprise there.  Basically, it’s excessively stretched out to accommodate more people.  Additionally, it is WAY overpriced!  There is no way I will ever pay an extra $4.00 just to walk through a butterfly tent.
  2. Thanks to what/whoever is responsible for our existence for NOT giving us triplets!  It takes something absolutely astonishing for me to stop in my tracks and blankly stare.  Well, that did it.  I believe my actual comment was “F#$% that” (I know it is low-brow language, but it was a guttural reaction and it was said at a volume that only Heidi could hear… well, I am pretty sure it was).
  3. Most people with babies/kids in strollers act very strange.  Don’t believe me?  Go to a public place that is heavily populated with children in strollers and take a look at their parents.  They are usually parading around as if their kids are more special than the next.  News flash – they aren’t.  Personally, I like to treat stroller-pushing as a sport – drive fast, dodge objects, and quickly push our kids ahead of us without holding onto the handles.  Yeah, yeah, Heidi, I know… I crashed them a couple of times but they weren’t going too fast.  Although, by the look of the onlooking mothers, you would have thought that I was slamming them head-first into a spiked wall without helmets.  Toughen up, people!

10 comments to Twins – Random Lessons Learned at the Zoo

  • Shoot, I’ll take 80-something degree weather ANY day over the 100s we’ve been having in Houston!! LOL. I laughed at your comment over the “stroller parades” you saw at the zoo. Yeah, that sounds just about right. Visiting from Comment Hour!
    Meg O. recently posted..Natural Blemish Busting Cleansers

  • I love Brookfield Zoo! The dolphins are my favorite, and Lincoln Park Zoo can’t provide that. But I can see where the free city zoo is a better option for little ones. Enjoy the family time at whichever zoo you get to visit next. #commenthour

  • haha at “treat stroller-pushing as a sport”. I love that, and with a double stroller its like the X-Games.
    Feyella @ Parenting .. smh recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Its Carnival

  • We also underestimated the temps the last time we went to the zoo and I almost froze!! Of course, I had packed a coat for my child and my husband grabbed his, but I insisted I didn’t need one. Lesson learned!
    Mommy Cracked recently posted..The Great Piggy Bank Adventure- Flip Cam Giveaway

  • Marne

    “Personally, I like to treat stroller-pushing as a sport – drive fast, dodge objects, and quickly push our kids ahead of us without holding onto the handles.” – Pete, you & Mike are cut from the same cloth. You know this has happened at our house too – although I’m sure you get more speed with two instead of one.

  • Do I see stroller racing in our future?

  • I detest taking my kids to the zoo. Between the people, the smells, the overpriced EVERYTHING and the weather never cooperating it is always a miserable experience. When they are older and could care more about the actual animals at the zoo than the “cool toys” in the gift shop we might try again.
    Brittany Baughman recently posted..Wordless Wednesday | What a deal!

    Heidi Danos Reply:

    We’ll be avoiding gift shops at all costs!

  • I love your writing style! Maybe it’s because you have twins 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work. Congrats on the #commenthour! I look forward to checking out your business website as well. “See” you next week.

  • Mimi Danos

    I laughed so hard. It’s difficult for the babies to appreciate a zoo, though Lincoln Park is better contained and a bit cooler in temperature closer to Lake Michigan.

    The stroller thing Peter was funny! And, I would suggest not giving up on the Butterfly Tent when the kids are older. Alexandra at the age of 3 or 4 thought it was wonderful. She loved the butterflies landing near her, on her finger. It’s a beautiful thing to see children in awe. And, somehow we appreciate what we have when we know things could be so much worse or hectic. Thank you Peter and Heidi for sharing!

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