TWOsday Treats

1) Scuba diver finds, returns $7K engagement ring

Speaking of rings, I think it’s time I removed mine.  In a “happy” twist, I guess that means I’m getting close to the end!

2) Despite a long weekend, I’m feeling great today!  Pete and I can now relish in the fact that the nursery is all set up and our guest room is ready, complete with decorations and fresh bedding (I do make pretty sweet hospital corners thanks to all those days at the Fosston Super 8).

Yesterday, I made one last trip to Old Navy’s maternity department to supplement my dwindling wardrobe for the remainder of  the pregnancy.  My stomach may be huge, but dammit, I don’t have to look like a complete louse!  No housecoats or moo-moos here.  Not to mention, it’s time for more belly pics.  Tomorrow, I promise.

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