TWOsday Treats

It’s back!  A couple of treats to brighten your Tuesday.  Enjoy.

From Paris to Pendleton: A?lost bag’s journey

Taxi and Lost Purse

East Oregonian staff photo by E.J. Harris

One act of kindness can travel across an entire ocean and warm the hearts of strangers. A little black bag lost in a Paris taxicab and its six-week journey to its owner in Pendleton illustrates the strength of one honest man and a single good deed.  Richard and Marilyn Smiley traveled to France in late November. On their first morning in Paris, the Pendleton couple walked a few blocks from their hotel and hailed a cab. Climbing in, Marilyn set her black daypack on the seat beside her. The nylon bag contained a Canon camera, sunglasses, notebook, lip gloss, gloves and a copy of Rick Steves’ “Paris 2011.”
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Annlaug Auestad/University of Stavanger

Norwegian Researchers Discover Better Learning Through Handwriting

Writing by hand strengthens the learning process. When typing on a keyboard, this process may be impaired.Associate professor Anne Mangen at the University of Stavanger’s Reading Centre asks if something is lost in switching from book to computer screen, and from pen to keyboard.  Read more>>

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