TWOsday Treats

I’m typing one-handed with Lady Elsa in my lap.  Please firgive any typos.


Snow (that white, clean, pretty, fluffy stuff) isn’t all that bad.  I don’t know what Chicago is freaking out for.  Check out the positive impact it’s having out East.

snowstorm samaritans

Via MSNBC Julio Cortez/AP

Between storms, a builder in Connecticut uses his skid loader to plow his neighbors’ driveways. In Maryland, a good Samaritan hands out water and M&Ms to stranded drivers. The mayor of Philadelphia urges residents to “be kind” and help one another out — and they respond by doing just that.

Across the Northeast, full of large cities where people wear their brusqueness like a badge of honor, neighbors and even strangers are banding together to beat back what’s shaping up to be one of the most brutal winters in years — and it appears to be contagious.  READ MORE>>


Lovely little teachers of tolerance.

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  • Sara

    ha ha ha! I LOVE the rabbit!

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