TWOsday Treats

1st and foremost on my list this week is a personal issue.  I know, I know… “issue” sounds so negative.  Perhaps I should have used “cause”.

1) The band director in my hometown of Fosston, MN has taken a position elsewhere. Why is this good news, you ask?  Well, since graduating, I’ve seen the program steadily decline, which is really sad.  Ok, still not happy, but I’m getting there.  Hang in…

For those of you who don’t know, my Dad had that program rockin’ and rollin’ for 27 years before retiring, at which point the program was cut to 1/2 time and, as they say, the rest is history.  Now, I know it would be a mute point to ask that the program be restored to full time, so instead, I’ve chosen to focus on their next candidate in hopes that they will find someone who has the passion and drive to restore the program to its former glory.

For my fellow bandies or any others that wish to toss in their two cents, please feel free to use the following letter as it is, or modify it as you wish, to share your concerns and hope for the future with Superintendent Gene Paulson and the Fosston School Board.

Letter to Gene Paulson and the Fosston School Board

2) Dude, these briefs could save your life – Biosensors in underwear detect vital signs, scientists claim

A team of U.S. scientists has designed some new men’s briefs that may be comfortable, durable and even stylish but, unlike most underpants, may be able to save lives. Read More>>

3 comments to TWOsday Treats

  • Rosanne

    I agree wholeheartedly with your comments about the current status of the band program at good old FHS. When your dad was band director, and yes, I was privileged to have him from 4th grade through 12th grade; his band program rocked. Consistently scored excellent in contests, etc. As far as I am concerned, no one can take your dad’s place; but maybe they can get close?

  • Heidi Danos

    Let’s hope so!

  • Amy

    I agree. I admit I quit after dad left because the new situation it created just didn’t cut it. We all hated the marching uniforms and the concert uniforms, but all-in-all I think we all had a little pride and importance when we wore them. They always looked real sharp and they worked so hard to get them!!

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